Jobalaya enables companies to hire global talent through diversity-driven referral programs

The Jobalaya Story

When Ellie served as the Marketing Head of a small but growing company, she was once tasked to hire nine marketing staff to help the company achieve its aggressive growth target.

For the next few months, her email inbox cluttered with matches sent from job listing services, with few appeared to meet her criteria. 90% of the interviews HR scheduled were disappointments. Looking for candidates to handle international marketing was particularly difficult – there simply weren’t enough good leads with the right language skills and market knowledge. One day, after walking out of the fifth unsuccessful interview of that week, Ellie thought, “There’s got to be a better way for small companies to hire.”

That’s how Jobalaya was born.

Jobalaya was founded in late 2016 with the goal to build a future where referral becomes the dominant approach for job search and talent hiring. In this future, companies can rely much more heavily on referrals to generate quality talent leads, employees will be much more engaged in recruitment than they are today, and job seekers will have a much better chance showcasing who they really are through referrals.

Work at Jobalaya.

We are always looking for quick learners who love a good challenge and have strong integrity. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! Send our referrers a request or apply directly. All backgrounds are welcomed!