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An Email Signature That Helps You Hire
- Jobalaya Referral Bullhorn -

Tell your community the kind of talent you are
looking for in every email you send out.

Clickable Email Signature Add-On

Hiring is so important that you should talk about it in every email – literally

  • Beef up your email signature with a hiring message.
  • Include a clickable add-on that brings your email readers to the Hiring Page to learn more.
  • Always trending – let people know you are hiring without spamming them on social media news feed.

Your Exclusive Hiring Page

Ask and you shall receive!
When searching for talent, describe people, not jobs.

  • Profile your ideal candidate so people know whom to send your way.
  • Share the link anywhere – Facebook, Twitter, or in your email signature!
  • Make hay while the sun shines – candidates can send requests directly to you if they like what they read on the Hiring Page.

Your community is always happy to help –

just use Jobalaya Referral Bullhorn to help them help you!