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Earn Referral Bonuses

– the couch-potato style!

Let talents come to you.
Spend up to six minutes on each referral.

Our referrers are from world-famous companies

It’s as easy as 1-2-3


Create Your Card

Create a card to represent yourself – anonymously! This is how job seekers discover you as a potential referrer.


Decide In One Click

When a referral request shows up in your email inbox, decide if you want to proceed with a simple click.


Complete the Referral

Everything you need is in the email already,
so simply fill out the referral form in your company’s designated system.

That’s it!

Sit back and wait for the recruiting process to play out.
The bonus will come if your candidate is hired.

What’s In It For You?

1. Expand Your Options

Your chance of receiving referral bonus is as good as the people you refer. Don’t limit it to your friends – receive requests from non-friends too.

2. Anonymity Is King

No more being bombarded with messages from over-enthusiastic job seekers. Being helpful doesn’t have to take up all your free time!

3. All You Need Is Email

Once you successfully create your card, complete all actions in your email. Nothing to download, no need to log in(unless you want to).

4. Pay It Forward

The best reason to become a referrer is simple – because you can! Who knows, you might change someone’s life today!

Referrers Love Jobalaya

“ I’ve always wanted to earn referral bonus like some of my colleagues did, but none of my friends fit. Once I joined Jobalaya, I got plenty of candidates to pick from. Didn’t even lift my fingers! ”

Softeare Developer @Square

“ Being able to remain anonymous is a plus. I don’t mind referring people, but it’s a big turn off when they end up asking for more of my time. I love helping people as long as it’s on my own terms. “

Marketer @Adobe

“ People coming from Jobalaya are pretty high quality, usually have great educational backgrounds. Lots of people I referred got interviewed; one got to the last mile and received an offer. I will absolutely stay active! “

Strategy and Operations Consultant @Google